2023/2 (vol. 24) – Varia


Johann Gottlieb Fichte Reader of our Globalization. A Radical Criticism of International Trade
Thierry Pouch

Page 3 to 36

The Transformations of Marx’s Thought on Colonization
Rémy Herrera

Page 33 to 61

The Question of a Priori Knowledge in the Social Sciences: The Points of View of Simiand, Mises, and Simmel
Christian Robitaille

Page 63 to 91

The Four Analytic Levels of Social Sciences
Ricardo Crespo

Page 93 to 127

Premature Death, Harm and Economic Welfare. Milestones for a Study of the Scarcity of Lifetime
Gregory Ponthière

Page 129 to 162

A Theory of Marginal Ethics
Åsbjørn Melkevik

Page 163 to 187

Leibniz’s God and the Capitalist Entrepreneur
Paul Rateau

Page 189 to 211

Paths for Economic Philosophy

Is a “Grand Theory” still possible in economics?
Robert Boyer

Page 213 to 236

Book reviews

Thierry Ménissier, Innovations – une enquête philosophique (Paris, Éditions Hermann, 2021)
Ghislain Deslandes
Page 237 to 245

Pierre Livet and Bernard Conein, Processus sociaux et types d’interaction (Paris, Hermann, 2020)
Laurence Kaufmann
Page 247 to 268