2021/2 (vol. 22) – Varia

Back to Conventionalist Sources of the Epistemology of Economist Engineer Jacques Rueff

Marie Daou
Page 3 to 28

What Do We Learn from Market Design? On the Moral Foundations of Repugnance
Nicolas Brisset
Page 29 to 53

The Last Gorz and the Value Criticism
Richard Sobel
Page 55 to 88

The Nietzschean Origins of Ambiguities of the Entrepreneur Concept: Schumpeter as a Reader of Nietzsche
Nathanaël Colin-JaegerÉtienne Wiedemann
Page 89 to 124

About the Unicity of the Difference Principle and the Complementarity of Economics and Philosophy on the Question of Justice. Part 1: About the Unicity of Rawls’s Difference Principle

Alain Boyer
Page 125 to 148

A Genealogy of the Principle of Horizontal Equity

Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
Page 149 to 176

Paths for economic philosophy

Economic philosophy and complexity

Pierre Livet
Page 177 to 217

Book reviews

Alice Le Goff, Introduction à Thorstein Veblen (Paris, La Découverte, Collection Repères, 2019)
Olivier Brette
Page 203 to 217

Constanze Binder, Agency, Freedom and Choice (Berlin, Springer, 2019)
Nestor Lovera Nieto
Page 219 to 231