The entrepreneur in left libertarianism: A critical discussion

The aim of this paper is twofold: to argue that the theory of justice of left-libertarianism implies that the entrepreneur—a notion rarely mentioned and yet central to understand this theory of justice—is a “gray eminence,” and to challenge the criticisms aimed at this theory.

Schumpeter’s conjunction cycle: Eternal return of the same?

This article is in line with previous works aiming to analyze Schumpeter’s entrepreneur and Nietzsche’s superhuman together. Both share a creativity that can be interpreted as the externalization of an extra force. The latter, through Nietzsche’s perspective, is very close to the extra-moral source of the increase of life. But what we have not analyzed yet is the context in which each of them operate: is it the same? Beyond a historical approach of the economic cycle, we suggest that a philosophical approach turns out to be fruitful for a larger interpretation of such a cycle. Moreover, it could both complete and extend our conception of the superhuman and the entrepreneur.