Le testament économique de Heidegger

Jacques Orsoni

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Heidegger is one amongst the most reknown and controversial thinkers of the XXth century . A thinker of “esse”, he is known as a critic of traditional metaphysics and ontology. His thought therefore appears to be at the antipodes of the economic preoccupations and of the approach of specialists. This notwithstanding, it is primary economic activity which gives structure to all unfolding toward the “esse” and constitutes the ground upon which the question of the “esse” is elaborated. Conversel, the meaning of the “esse” vanishes and loses itself in the Technique of our modern times, whose most active offspring is management, be it private or public. Reading Heidegger is therefore relevant to the economist, in so far as he attempts to position his thinking beyond the metaphysical frameworks to which he remains attached.


Esse, Aletheia, Economy, Technique