Economic Philosophy in China

Table of Contents


Economic Philosophy in China in Long-Term Historical Perspective
Gilles Campagnolo


Property Rights in a Confucian Perspective
Daniel A. Bell and Yara Boehlen

Restless Mind: Hu Shi and Sinified Liberalism in Modern Chinese Intellectual History
Xia Lu

Discovering Economics within Chinese Philosophy: Intellectual Searches of the 1910s-1930s
Olga Borokh

How Well Does the Idea of “Community” Relate to Confucianism?
Pei Wang

This Unchartered Land: China (When Seen from France!)
About Contradictions, Dialectics, Morals and Socialism
Tony Andréani, Rémy Herrera and Zhiming Long

Innovative and the Transformation of Collective Economy in China: An Analysis of the Urbanization Process of a Countryside Village: Liede (near Guangzhou)
Liao Liao and Chunli Huang

Quesnay and Le despotisme de la Chine : The Economy of a Political Stance
Pablo Rodriguez

Book reviews

Esquisse d’un libéralisme soutenable by Benoît Walraevens (preface by Gaspard Koenig ; Presses Universitaires de France, 2021)
Claude Gamel

L’Économie Sociale et Solidaire, de ses fondements à son “à venir” by Patrick Gilormini (Editions Apogée, 2019)
Pascal Glémain