2023/1 (vol. 24) – Economic Philosophy in China

Table of Contents


Economic Philosophy in China in Long-Term Historical Perspective
Gilles Campagnolo

Pages 3 to 65


Property Rights in a Confucian Perspective
Daniel A. Bell and Yara Boehlen

Pages 67 to 93

Restless Mind: Hu Shi and Sinified Liberalism in Modern Chinese Intellectual History
Xia Lu

Pages 95 to 110

Discovering Economics within Chinese Philosophy: Intellectual Searches of the 1910s-1930s
Olga Borokh

Pages 111 to 146

How Well Does the Idea of “Community” Relate to Confucianism?
Pei Wang

Pages 147 to 165

This Unchartered Land: China (When Seen from France!)
About Contradictions, Dialectics, Morals and Socialism

Tony Andréani, Rémy Herrera and Zhiming Long

Pages 167 to 189

Innovative and the Transformation of Collective Economy in China: An Analysis of the Urbanization Process of a Countryside Village: Liede (near Guangzhou)
Liao Liao and Chunli Huang

Pages 191 to 214

Quesnay and Le despotisme de la Chine : The Economy of a Political Stance
Pablo Rodriguez

Pages 215 to 240

Book reviews

Esquisse d’un libéralisme soutenable by Claude Gamel (preface by Gaspard Koenig ; Presses Universitaires de France, 2021)
Benoît Walraevens
Pages 241 to 266

L’Économie Sociale et Solidaire, de ses fondements à son “à venir” by Pascal Glémain (Editions Apogée, 2019)
Patrick Gilormini
Pages 267 to 273