2022/1 (Vol. 23) – Ethics and Economy in Ancient Philosophies

Table of Contents


Ancient Philosophies and Economy, between Desire and Need


Wealth and Craving for Wealth in Democritus’ Thought
Miriam C. D. Peixoto

What Greed Changes in Character: From Plato to Theophrastus
Charlotte Murgier

Take and Throw Away: Elements for an Economy of Gesture within the Cynical School
Maxime Chapuis

Aristotle on Some Political Limitations to Economic Concerns
Timothée Gautier

Wealth, Habits and Happiness. Chrematistics in Aristotle’s Ethics.
Francesca Masi

Perspectives on Wealth in the Philosophy of Seneca
Melania Cassan

Book reviews

Bruno Amboise Economics and Performativity par Nicolas Brisset (Routledge, 2019)