2020/1 (Vol. 21) – Norms and normativity

Introduction: Norms and normativity in economy
Antoinette BaujardJudith FavereauCharles Girard
Pages 3 to 18


Inequalities, social justice and the web of social interactions
Marc Fleurbaey
Pages 19 to 63

The distributive liberal social contract as definite norm of communicative action: A characterization through the Nash social welfare function
Jean Mercier-Ythier
Pages 65 to 93

Notes on economics imperialism and norms of scientific inquiry
Uskali Mäki
Pages 95 to 127

Neo-Samuelsonian Welfare Economics: From Economic to Normative Agency
Cyril Hédoin
Pages 129 to 161


Critique of Mainstream Austrian Economics in the Spirit of Carl Menger. Antal Fekete (Pintax cvba, 2017)
Antoine Gentier
Pages 163 to 176

Dictionnaire des biens communs, Marie Cornu, Fabienne Orsi, Judith Rochfeld (dir.) (Paris, PUF, 2017)
Riccardo Rezzesi
Pages 177 to 185

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