Essay on the definition of economic philosophy

Guillaume Quiquerez

Table of Contents


In this article, we propose an open definition of “economic philosophy” as a “postural field of rationalized ideas of economics (and economy).” Our argument is formed of two parts. The first allows us to answer this question: Why “economic philosophy”? We argue that it should be understood as a reaction to a doubt about the representation of economics as a science, itself caused by three problems that we analyze. In the second part, we clarify our definition by firstly explaining the notions of “postural field” and of “ideas of economics (economy).” This discussion then leads us to a clarification of the links between idea, concept, theory, and judgment. Finally, we move closer to our stipulative definition, using that promoted by A. Leroux since 1995.

JEL classification: A1, B3, B4


  • philosophy
  • methodology
  • ideas
  • economics

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