2010/2 (Vol. 11) – Varia


The Idea of “Fictitious Commodities,” the Cornerstone of Karl Polanyi’s Institutionalism
Nicolas Postel, Richard Sobel

Page 3 to 35

Economic Writing on the Pressing Problems of the Day: The Roles of Moral Intuition and Methodological Confusion
Julie A. Nelson

Page 37 to 68

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Political Economy, Economic Philosophy, and Justice
Jimena Hurtado

Page 69 to 101

Can a Theory of Language Provide the Basis for Interpersonal Comparisons? The Contribution of Donald Davidson
Pôl-Vincent Harnay

Page 103 to 139

Book Review

“Is It Rational to Deceive?” Deception in Markets: An Economic Analysis, Caroline Gerschlager (ed.) (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005)
Miriam Teschl

Page 141 to 145

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