2010/1 (Vol. 11) – Markets, Governance and Human Development

Editorial Board of the Review of Economic Philosophy

Table of Contents

Markets, Governance and Human Development
P.B. Anand, Des Gasper, Miriam Teschl

Page 3 to 10

Governance for Prosperity
Tim Jackson
Page 11 to 33

A New Style of Development to Deal with the Current Crisis: Solidarity-based Economy, Collective Capability and Sustainable Human Development
Jean-Luc Dubois, Elena Lasida

Page 35 to 56

“The Taste Approach.” Governance beyond Libertarian Paternalism
Tor Otterholt
Page 57 to 80

From Gross Misconduct to Responsible Behavior. A Dream That Necessitates Being Realistic
Vinca Bigo
Page 81 to 112

Do Markets Foster Selfishness?
Alan Kirman and Miriam Teschl
Page 113 to 140

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