2009/1 (Vol. 10) – Ethical Challenges in the Economy of Healthcare

Economy and Ethics in Healthcare: From Calculation to Value Judgment
Maryse Gadreau

Page 3 to 17

Economic Evaluation of Health Policies: Who’s Afraid of the Economic Standard
Marc Fleurbaey, Stéphane Luchini
and Erik Schokkaert
Page 19 to 34

Ethical Requirements and the tarification à l’activité in Hospital
Pierre Le Coz

Page 35 to 53

Equity in Terms of Healthcare: What Is the Opinion of the Public? A Review of Empirical Ethics in the Field of Healthcare
Valérie Clément
and Daniel Serra
Page 55 to 77

The Philosophy of Need and the Normative Foundations of Health Policy
Philippe Batifoulier, John Latsis
and Jacques Merchiers
Page 79 to 101

Constructing Care: For Love or Money
Vinca Bigo
and Mia Gray
Page 103 to 124

You’d Better Suffer for a Good Reason: Existential Economics and Individual Responsibility in Healthcare
Christian Léonard and Christian Arnsperger
Page 125 to 148